The 1980's was a time that was notorious for it's questionable fashion, emerging hip-hop culture
and continued social change. In fashion, this was a time of many faux pas, from the
shoulder pads, leg warmers to the "parachute pants".

No city more fully embraced the changing times than the city of Miami, a time when luxury car dealerships,
five star hotels and swanky nightclubs began rising all over the city. The popular TV series "Miami Vice"
famously captured this time and helped spread the image of Miami as one of America's
most glamorous, subtropical paradises.

The summer in Miami collection draws it's inspiration from the luxury lifestyle and glamour popularized
during this time in Miami, offering high-end materials and style that move beyond the fads, and
supposed "swag" that many current designers are happy to embrace.

We invite you to enjoy SUMMER IN MIAMI!